Dr. Martha Lucas, L.Ac. is a nationally certified and licensed Practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine. She has advanced training in the Acupuncture Face Lift technique, Pulse Diagnosis, QiGong, and other energy medicine techniques (NOTE: Dr. Lucas also works on tummies!).

She has specialized training in the technique used in Acupuncture face lifts, and she teaches Cosmetic Acupuncture to acupuncturists all over the United States. Her background in and love for medical research has her making changes or additions to the protocol to insure good results for each individual. (Do not be fooled by practitioners who don't have advanced training but who believe that "needles in the face pointed up" will achieve the same results. This is simply not true.)

Her experience includes:
• 20 years experience in social & psychological aspects of health & illness
• 20 years of experience teaching
• Internships in Advanced Pulse Taking & Medical QiGong
• More than a decade of experience in various Energy Medicine therapies

Along with her interviews in USA Today and The NY Times, Dr. Lucas has been interviewed or referenced in Plastic Surgery Times, DaySap Magazine, Allure, Flare, and Mei Zen Cosmetic Acupuncture was featured in Oprah's Magazine O.